Dear Nathan,

We have been all moved in for a few months now, and we both wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with us in designing and building our dream home. It's amazing to think how much work went into planning and plotting every detail of this house, but with your guidance we did it, and the end result has blown us away!

Working so closely with you in the early stages of design made us feel like you truly understood what we wanted. Up until the very end, you made the building process less stressful and more enjoyable than we could ever have imagined. You kept us organized and on a schedule so that we had time to choose things and were not rushed. Your endless text messages and phone calls not only kept us on track, but eased us through some of the stressful times. You managed to accommodate all of our changes and addressed all of the concerns we had along the way to ensure that in every case we were happy and got what we wanted. You truly gave us our custom home and for that we are so thankful.

The house is certainly all that we had hoped it would be, and then some. We look around sometimes and realize how beautiful the workmanship is in every area of our home. Thank you for bringing such knowledgeable and professional people to our jobsite. We felt so confident putting our trust in you and your crew to help us make decisions. When we were stuck on something, we felt that the sub-contractors that you hired were so good at what they do, it was only natural to ask them what their opinion was. Most times we followed their advice and it seems that they put in a little more effort and took a little more pride into the job. Everyone did their part and the end result is just outstanding!!!

If anyone were to ask us about our experience with you and Maverick Construction, we'd have to say that Maverick Construction simply “hit the nail on the head” when it came to meeting our expectations. Trust and Contractor are two words that are normally not heard in the same sentence, but with Maverick, we never had to worry. The quality of our home speaks for itself.

Thank you for everything,

Bill and Deanna Phillips

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